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When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be just like my Grandma Ruth; she was able to do anything and everything she put her mind to.  She would make matching outfits for my three siblings and me for every occasion she could.  After taking sewing in Junior High School, I asked for a sewing machine from my parents. They were kind enough to get me one and the rest is history. I began sewing clothes and projects for myself and others at that time. In 2001 my daughter was in High School and part of pageantry.  A group of us moms would make flags for their parades and competitions. At this time, I was introduced to machine embroidery and I have been doing it ever since. In-The-Hoop projects are my favorite! It just amazes me what can be made in them.  I had wanted a long arm forever it seems like, and that wish came true this year.  My husband bought me a long arm and even made my she-shed for her to go into.  It is my passion to learn everything about quilting and be the best at it that I can. And from there we started:

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